Tanakh b'Mirshetet

Tanakh b'Mirshetet - "Bible on the Net" - harnesses the awesome power of technology to create the first ever grassroots internet Bible transcription.

Each participant selects one Bible verse, and may personalize it by indicating its significance or dedicating it to someone. After all 23,127 verses have been chosen, the Bible will be bound and presented for display, with the names of all the participants appearing in a special volume. This book will join the rest of the completed Bibles of People of the World Inscribe the Bible. 


The first edition, in the Hebrew language, was launched by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his government, with each member selecting their own verse.

Four other versions are slated to be launched – English, French, Spanish, and Russian.

Click here to visit Tanakh b'Mirshetet and view the progress of the Hebrew-language edition.