From the Bible Valley to the Biblical epicenter

The Jerusalem Bible Initiative is the sister organization of and works in close cooperation with the Bible Valley Society.

The Bible Valley Society, a non-profit organization founded by Amos Rolnik in 2004, has its origins in a project initiated by Mr. Rolnik in 1997 - Children of the World Illustrate the Bible. Launched as a competition, 800,000 unique paintings of Bible scenes were submitted by children of all ages and religions, from 91 different countries. This overwhelming response testified to the Bible as a powerful common denominator and a poignant source of kinship.

In 2006, the Bible Valley Society embarked on a far-reaching initiative - People of the World Inscribe the Bible. It was a simple yet profound idea: to inscribe the Bible in 100 languages. Each 'scribe' hand-writes one verse of a Bible launched in his/her native tongue. Over 25 Bibles have already been completed, and dozens more continue to be written.

In 2011, the Bible Valley Society launched Tanakh b'Mirshetet ("Bible on the Net") in conjunction with various Israeli government ministries. Similar in concept to People of the World Inscribe the Bible, this initiative harnesses the awesome power of technology through the first ever Internet bible transcription. The first version – in Hebrew – is well under way, and four others are slated to be launched – in English, French, Spanish, and Russian.

The Jerusalem Bible Initiative has joined forces with the Bible Valley Society to:

  • extend People of the World Inscribe the Bible to new countries and languages, and to complete the dozens of Bibles that have already been launched.
  • complete Tanakh B'Mirshetet in Hebrew and launch Bible on the Net in four other languages – English, Spanish, French, and Russian.

Beyond this, the Jerusalem Bible Initiative and the Bible Valley Society are working together to consummate the establishment of a Bible center at the City of David in Jerusalem. This complex will serve as the gateway to the Bible, and will house the many paintings and completed Bibles that the Bible Valley Society has assembled. Having secured the support of the Israeli government for its establishment (in the form of Government Resolution 3813; November 13, 2011), we are confident that this momentous enterprise is well on its way.